Plane Wreck, Aruba by Cathy Salisbury
Just west of Oranjestad rests a couple of intentionally submerged airplane husks.
This NAMC YS-ll turboprop passenger airplane belonged to Air Aruba. It was donated to Aruba Water Sports Association andwas sunk for divers in 2004. It is completely intact, with its nose resting on the coral reef. The inside is wide open, inviting to divers and with access through the front stairs! 
Plane Wreck, Aruba by Cathy Salisbury
This airplane wreck is surreal - it rests on its landing gear and has its nose pointing in the air, as though it is ready to take off for open water from the coral reef.
Close by is the wreck of another plane - a DC-3. This massive plane was destroyed in 1999 by Hurricane Lenny and is now in two pieces. The remains sit on a reef of soft corals and colourful sponges.
Aruba Map by Cathy Salisbury


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