Shipwrecks, sunken cities and lost airplanes are mysterious time capsules holding the secrets of the sea. This stunning series tracks underwater photographer Cathy Salisbury and artist Dominique Serafini as they explore the underwater wrecks of the world. Using digital photography, video cameras, and an underwater sketchpad, the team is builds an archive of shipwrecks, destined to vanish forever. Having once worked with the famous Jacques Cousteau, Dominique serves as a fantastic guide for the team, leading them to some truly fantastic destinations.
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Episode 1. HOLLYWOOD WRECKS, Bahamas
Far from the bright lights of Hollywood lies an underwater back lot, an ocean studio where moviemakers find the world's most fantastic wrecks. See the filming locations of some classic movies, including James Bond, Jaws, and Into the Blue.

Episode 2. The MAILBOAT - Bahamas
Bahamas is a gorgeous getaway, but it is not without its tragedies. Many ships have fallen captive to shallow waters and hidden shoals.

Episode 3. BIANCA C, Grenada
Known as the Titanic of the Caribbean, the "Bianca C" sank to the bottom of the sea after a mysterious explosion caused a widespread fire. Uncovering this secret will be a dangerous task.

Episode 4. RORAIMA, Martinique
The eruption of Mount Pelée in Saint Pierre, Martinique killed over 28,000 people, dubbed the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century. Follow the team as they survey the once-leveled area.

Episode 5. HEMA II, KING MITCH, SAN JUAN, Grenada
Here in the Caribbean, tropical storms are a way of life. The devastating force of a potential hurricane lies in the warm sea air. See the destruction of hurricanes Ivan and Emily, occurring less than a year apart on the small island of Grenada.

Episode 6. THE NAHOON, Martinique
Join the team as they explore this ancient and pristine party boat, as well as search for lost and elusive cannons, camouflaged in living coral.

Episode 7. THE HILMA HOOKER, Bonaire
Thanks to its preserved reefs and sea life, and beautiful shipwrecks, Bonaire considered one of the top 5 diving destinations in the world. Check out a sunken smuggling boat before it gets "busted".

Episode 8. TUGBOAT TWINS - Curacao 
While Curacao's aquarium has been a great success, the shipwrecks they are trying to add as a diving attraction keep disappearing... The team gets the help of some domesticated dolphins to find them!

Episode 9. THE WINDJAMMER - Bonaire
Dominique shows us more about what painting means to him, and tries to take us to his favorite and most memorable Dreamwreck. Unfortunately, a visit from local authorities may dash his plans.

Episode 10. THE ANTILLA, Aruba
The Caribbean Sea off the coast of Aruba was once the setting for a dramatic scene that played out during the Second World War. One mysterious relic still stands, evidence of a secret mission that threatened to turn the course of history.

While on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, the team gets an extraordinary opportunity. While they slept peacefully, a small plane carrying 4 juvenile detainees crash-landed in the ocean nearby. Time for a change of plan.

Episode 12. JANE SEA, Aruba
Back in the Caribbean, the team dives two unique wrecks. One is a beautifully preserved freighter with a shady secret, the other an intact plane that will soon fall prey to the might of the ocean.

Episode 13. RAY OF HOPE, Bahamas
The team is revisiting a ship sunk intentionally years ago. What took a great deal of manpower to accomplish can be accomplished by the mighty ocean in a mere few minutes.

Episode 14. SUPERIOR PRODUCER, Curacao
Off the coast of Curacao, and natural recycling program is taking hold. Old machinery, abandoned cars, and a one-time Christmas cargo carrier become one at the bottom of the sea.

Episode 15. THE LST 467 /  WIT SHOAL, USVI
This immense dreamwreck carried tanks in WWII. After its decommission, it was converted into a freighter for commercial goods. Now the only thing its cargo-holds carry is water, as well as a variety of sea life.

Episode 16. THE PARAMATTA - Anegada Da Vita, BVI
The island of Anegada is home to the most treacherous navigational hazard of the Caribbean sea. The surrounding Horseshoe Reef can be perilous to passing ships.

Episode 17. EL AGUILA, Roatan
Often, natural disasters create only chaos and destruction. Here in Roatan Honduras, hurricanes and earthquakes have sculpted some of the world's most unique diving destinations.

Episode 18. PRINCE ALBERT, Roatan
The island of Roatan is home to mystical mangroves, magnificent marine life, and the clearest waters the ocean has to offer. But even here, the sea is an unpredictable force.

Episode 19. USS ORISKANY, Florida
One of the largest warships ever built is playing out its final days in the Gulf of Mexico. The Dreamwrecks team is chasing the story of this colossal vessel all the way to the bottom.

Episode 20. THE ODYSSEY, Roatan 
After thousands of years, the caverns that cut through the Caribbean's largest reef now lead to the region's most spectacular dive site.

Episode 21. THE CHIKUZEN, BVIs
A unique experience to discover 3 dreamwrecks side by side, all on one tank of air! Also, see a sunken fishing boat turned underwater oasis by time and coral growth.

Episode 22. RMS RHONE, BVIs
Off the coast of the British Virgin Islands, one dive site stands out above all the rest. The RMS Rhone is a 100-year-old luxury liner that fell victim to one of the great ocean disasters of history.

Episode 23. THE SHERIDAN, Florida
Off the coast of Florida, a ghost ship provides a home for thousands of fish, but this undersea haven is also a trap. Now the bait has been set for an ancient form of fishing that attracts some hungry competition.

Episode 24. THE CARRIE LEE, Cayman Islands
It will take some high-tech tools and precision planning to reach down to this former freighter. This is one of the most risky dives the team has done to date.

Episode 25. DOC POULSON, Cayman Islands
Off the coast of the Cayman Islands, the dreamwrecks team is discovering there's more than one way to explore the sea as they free dive, night dive, and wall dive the Caribbean's most mysterious sites.

Episode 26. THE CAPTAIN TIBBETTS, Cayman Islands
Few witness the sinking of a ship and live to tell the tale, but after 10 years under the sea, a former weapon of war is now waiting to be rediscovered.
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