Grenada's Bianca C, Martinique's Roraima, British Virgin Island's Rhone, USVI's Wit Shoal, Aruba's Antilla, Bonaire's Windjammer... these are some of the most spectacular historic shipwrecks of the Caribbean. Bursting with colour, underwater fauna adorn these large metallic vessels. The glistening light from the surface transforms these wrecks into sunken cathedrals.
Follow Cathy and Dominique's adventures, diving the shipwrecks of the Caribbean. With camera and paint brush in hand, the diving duo search out and explore these legendary vessels. Through their paintings, photography and stories, they capture the mysterious beauty of these shipwrecks for scuba divers and non-divers alike.
Discover the best shipwrecks of the region with
DreamWrecks of the Caribbean ​​​​​​​
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"DreamWrecks of the Caribbean, is a passionate body of work. The stories and the photos relate the history of the vessels; the drawings put a special accent on the personality of the wrecks. Throughout the pages, the authors relive for us the formidable histories of these ships, lost at sea. These ghost wrecks that live at the ocean bottom tell us of the tragic and sometimes epic stories of their loss. They are witnesses to the violence of war, to the audacity of explorers and to the courage of seamen, facing the unleashed power of the sea. This unique book, of interest to divers and would-be adventurers alike, will send shivers down your spine." — Jean-Michel Cousteau
Published by Love of the Sea Publishing - 2020
Electronic Book ISBN: 978-0-9730598-2-3

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