The strangest wreck in Curaçao has to be the CarPile. If you’ve ever dreamed of simultaneously diving and driving, this is the place for you. Mountains of cars have been dumped in one spot to make an artificial and very original reef. It’s like diving in the middle of a large car crash without any casualties—the fish manage to swim themselves to freedom. If you’re a vintage car collector, don’t miss this dive. You might find that part you spent years looking for, such as a radiator cap for your old Mercedes. This dive is 65 feet down, right in front of the Princess Beach Hotel.
A second, deeper CarPile exists at Vaersen Bay. Starting at 40 feet and descending down to 165 feet, this second CarPile is more spectacular than the one at Princess Beach. First off the vintage cars and trucks, which are covered with leaf coral, are more intact. And secondly, on the same dive, you can see the wreck of a 100-foot tugboat. Sitting at 175 feet, this tug is covered with coral and still has a fully intact chimney section.


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