Dominique Serafini

Underwater painter, illustrator who needs his daily voyage under the sea to feel alive.

A young student at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts de Paris, I adored the atmosphere of May 1968. I was 22 years old and the whole experience turned my head around. Since that time, where all seemed possible, I have run after my dreams, dreams of liberty, love and art.

One man helped me to actualize my dreams - Jacques Yves Cousteau, a real magician, who brought even the craziest of dreams to life. Like for many terrestrial beings, he opened the doors to the sea and with him I wrote and drew a series of comic books - known in French as Bande-Dessinée which told of the adventures of the Cousteau team. A wonderful adventure that lasted 20 years, I was on board the Calypso with the likes of Albert Falco. I learned how to respect the sea, to dive and visit the sea silently and carefully, in admiration of sea creatures.

After the death of commandant Cousteau, I continued to live my life at large, diving and sailing the seas with my paint brushes, watercolors and canvases. Drawing under the sea is always wonderful.  My fellow land creatures, I invite you to discover the treasures of Neptune on my canvases and that you put a little drop of blue in your lives.



Videos about our work

Dreamwrecks TV Trailer

Trailer from the Canadian 26 part DreamWrecks television series about the most spectacular shipwrecks of the Caribbean.

Dreamwrecks Anegada BVI Rough Cut

One of the DreamWrecks editors shares a rough cut of the BVI Anegada show with a different version of the narration. Which one do you like better?

Dreamwrecks Anegada BVI Rough 2

More roughs of Anegada.

Les Bulles Sous L’Eau

A film produced for French television on Dominique’s bande dessinée books that he did with the Cousteau Society.

J’ai Regardé Le Windjammer

A film produced for French television on the Bonaire shipwrecks of The Windjammer and Dominique’s passion for the wreck.

Bande Dessinée

Capitain Don’s Bonaire Reef Stories

A new eco-friendly comic strip is in the works, featuring the adventures of Captain Don Stewart over the last 50 years on the island of Bonaire. » More

Les Bulles de la Calypso Exhibit

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Dominique has put together this exhibit that has been touring France throughout the year.

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