Underwater photographer who loves to spend more time under the sea

than on land.


Cathy Salisbury

Born and raised in Montreal, Cathy graduated from University in 1986 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in film and photography from Concordia University.

In 1985 she became involved in the world of publishing and started the alternative newsweekly the Montreal Mirror. Her newspaper publishing career finished in 2013 when her partners at The Coast newspaper in Halifax took the reigns of the operation.

Cathy has been a passionate scuba diver and marine ecologist since 1990. What started as a hobby has become the focal point of her life. In 2000 she made Bonaire, Netherlands her second home where she dives the marine park everyday and has got to know the sea life intimately - this is the primary subject of her photography. She has worked as a volunteer on marine biology projects in Bonaire and Belize and travelled extensively to photograph many of the world’s coral atolls and fringing reefs.

In 2000, she met her diving partner Dominique Serafini on one of the Caribbean’s most exceptional wrecks, The Windjammer, a steel hulled three-mast clipper, sunk in 1912. Shortly after, she published a book entitled Dreamwrecks - The Best Shipwrecks of Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao - about the shipwrecks of the region. In 2006, Cathy hosted a 26-episode television show called Dreamwrecks about her photographic mission to capture the most spectacular shipwrecks of the Caribbean.

Her photographic shows include Artificial Reefs, a duo show in 2003 at the Curacao Maritime Museum, Willemstad, Curacao and in 2002 at City Café Bonaire. Magical Encounters - panoramic underwater photography and studies of movement of marine life, a solo show at Cinnamon Art Gallery, Bonaire in 2005 and 2006 and 2007. DreamWrecks - The Most Spectacular Shipwrecks of the Caribbean, a solo show at Anderson Gallery of Contemporary Photography, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Her new painterly photographs have been shown in Florida and in Bonaire.



Videos about our work

Dreamwrecks TV Trailer

Trailer from the Canadian 26 part DreamWrecks television series about the most spectacular shipwrecks of the Caribbean.

Dreamwrecks Anegada BVI Rough Cut

One of the DreamWrecks editors shares a rough cut of the BVI Anegada show with a different version of the narration. Which one do you like better?

Dreamwrecks Anegada BVI Rough 2

More roughs of Anegada.

Les Bulles Sous L’Eau

A film produced for French television on Dominique’s bande dessinée books that he did with the Cousteau Society.

J’ai Regardé Le Windjammer

A film produced for French television on the Bonaire shipwrecks of The Windjammer and Dominique’s passion for the wreck.

Bande Dessinée

Capitain Don’s Bonaire Reef Stories

A new eco-friendly comic strip is in the works, featuring the adventures of Captain Don Stewart over the last 50 years on the island of Bonaire. » More

Les Bulles de la Calypso Exhibit

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Dominique has put together this exhibit that has been touring France throughout the year.

» More

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